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What are the uses of CBD and Why is it so popular?

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Since the Farm Bill was passed in 2018 which legalized industrial hemp, CBD has become so mainstream that you can buy CBD and other premium hemp products from online retailers, convenience stores, and even some grocery stores. Its popularity grew as more states have legalized the medical and recreational cannabis products that contain THC.

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What is CBD?

Cannabidiol, popularly known as CBD, is a chemical compound from the cannabinoid family. It’s one of the 108 types of cannabinoids found in the cannabis plant.

Is CBD legal?

Technically, yes. However, the technicalities may get somewhat confusing.

As you know, the cannabis plant has many varieties and the US Drug Enforcement Administration or DEA used to classify all varieties as Schedule 1 substances – meaning “no currently accepted medical use and a high potential for abuse”. However, the Agriculture Improvement Act of 2018 or Farm bill changed this as it legalized “hemp”. According to the legislation “hemp” is cannabis that contains <0.3% THC. If hemp flower contains more than the indicated amount, it’s considered “marijuana”.

How is it used?

There are different ways on how CBD or premium hemp can be consumed or used, depending on the intended purpose and preference of the user.

Oils and tinctures – are a concentrated form of CBD. They are placed under the tongue using a dropper and are absorbed into the bloodstream.

Capsules and pills – similar to vitamins and supplements. These are taken orally and usually contain CBD Oil.

Edibles – these types of CBD products come in different varieties that the user can eat or drink. These include Delta 8 gummies and chocolates. Caution is advised as edibles may take effect after 20 minutes to 4 hours of consumption.

Topicals – are a type of CBD product that are intended to treat localized pain. Topicals usually come in the form of CBD-infused oils, creams, and lotions. Aside from treating pain, they are also used as massage oils and for haircare and skincare.

CBD may also be used in vaping. The user inhales vaporized liquid containing CBD. While nicotine isn’t normally present when CBD is, it is possible to mix the two.

Is CBD Safe?

In 2017, a report published by the World Health Organization found that in its pure state, CBD is safe. It is also well-tolerated by humans and animals. CBD is also not likely to cause physical dependence or abuse.

What does CBD do in the body?

CBD interacts with the body’s endocannabinoid system which is a large messaging network that plays a vital role in regulating several psychological functions. In fact, the body also produces cannabinoids on its own which is essential for maintaining one’s good health.

Why is CBD popular?

CBD is often marketed as some kind of cure-all for an extensive list of ailments. For this reason, more people who wish to improve their wellness are enticed to try CBD and even look for Soulflower Hemp products.

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What are some of the potential benefits of CBD?

May help alleviate anxiety

One of the most popular benefits claims of CBD is its calming effect for patients who are suffering from anxiety. Some research suggests that taking low doses of CBD can help improve some symptoms of anxiety. Although higher doses tend to either have no effect at all or the opposite of the desired result.

Possibly help in treating opioid addiction or dependence

Over the years, researchers have been looking into the possibility of treating substance abuse disorders with CBD. Some of the reviews in these studies suggest that CBD shows promising results in treating patients with opioid, cocaine, or psychostimulant addiction. However, the effects of CBD vary depending on the type of addiction and further studies are required to confirm its effectiveness.

May help maintain healthy blood pressure

A study in 2017 suggests that CBD oil can help reduce the risk of heart disease by relieving high blood pressure. It may also be beneficial when used as a complementary therapy for people whose blood pressure is greatly affected by anxiety or stress.

Potentially treat certain epileptic seizures

A CBD oral solution under the name Epidiolex was approved by the FDA in 2018 to treat two rare types of Epilepsy. The solution is meant to help relieve epileptic seizures resulting from Lennox-Gastaut Syndrome and Dravet Syndrome – both are rare forms of epilepsy in children under age 2.

May help in pain management

The effects of CBD or hemp on your brain’s receptors may help in managing and relieving pain. For example, a prescription-only nasal spray called Sativex, containing CBD and 9-delta-tetrahydrocannabinol was said to be effective against relieving pain, easing muscle tightness, and improving urine frequency for patients with multiple sclerosis.

Possibly help with depression

A clinical study on mice with surgically induced depression claims that CBD may be a potential treatment. According to the study “CBD worked “fast” on receptors in the brain to boost levels of serotonin, a chemical messenger thought to play an important role in regulating mood. More recently, a study published in February 2019 in the journal Molecular Neurobiology showed that CBD induces “sustained antidepressant-like effects in mice”. Although the results looked promising, more tests and clinical studies must be done to determine whether or not CBD can be used to treat depression in humans and how the substance must be used to achieve the desired result.

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