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SoulFlower Hemp offers a range of premium hemp products, providing the benefits of quality hemp CBD and Delta 8 to you and our loyal customers! By supporting  SoulFlower Hemp, you get high quality hemp products prepared and processed with care, ensuring you get artisanal products and all the uplifting benefits of hemp!

About Us

Welcome to, your number one source for hemp CBD and Delta-8 products! SoulFlower Hemp is a frontrunner in providing a range of premium hemp products to you, our valued customer! Our dedication in giving you artisanal hemp products focuses on quality through stringent procedures and guidelines you can depend on while building quality relationships with our customers! 

Founded in 2013 as a cannabis collective, the Soulflower brand has come a long way from our beginnings in Southern California. We realized the benefits of cannabis and looked to bring many of the same benefits to the masses through Hemp CBD and Delta-8 products. While we continue to increase our selection, we look to become a force at the forefront and leader in the hemp revolution!

Our promise is to provide the best in class quality hemp products as we continue with excellence and towards a global name brand you can trust!

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Why Choose SoulFlower Hemp?

SoulFlower Hemp, aims to lead the paradigm shift and change the stigma behind hemp by providing you with the highest quality hemp! We do our best to exceed all of your expectations by continuously offering high caliber hemp products that undergo stringent lab testing and meet the highest quality measures, working with standard procedures and guidelines in hemp production. Our values allow us to ensure that you will get all the uplifting benefits of hemp with our quality products!

Please enjoy our products with care and appreciate the comforts that hemp brings as much as we enjoy, care, and appreciate offering these products to you! If you have any questions or comments, please dont hesitate to contact us as we look to continually increase the quality of our products through your feedback!

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