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Top 10 D8 Products for Holiday/Christmas Gifts

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It’s the season of giving once again. If you’re still looking for items that you can give to your friends as gifts, check out this extensive selection of premium hemp products. With this many options to choose from, you can easily find the product that is appropriate to the preferences of the receiver. If you’re running low on stocks, you can also buy some for yourself.

Something tasty

Gatherings are never complete without snacks. If you’ve got loved ones who are fond of snacks and delta 8 products, they’ll surely enjoy this selection of Delta 8 gummies. Available flavors include:

Uplifting Edibles

Sour Apple Rings

Enjoy the sour and tart goodness in sugar-coated green apple-flavored uplifting edibles. These Sour Apple gummy rings are delicious with a lip-smacking and mouth-puckering punch. Whether it’s a gift to your friends or something you’ll share during one of your get-togethers this holiday season, its refreshing taste will surely keep you coming back for more. 

Extreme Edible Gummies


Blackberry edible gummies are known for their powerful aroma with notable earthy and fruity notes. It is sweet and fruity with forest fruit flavors creating variety that allows you to enjoy a delightful taste with each bit. Blackberry edibles have a soothing and relaxing effect, allowing you and your companions to unwind and get back to your daily activities afterwards.

Peach Lemonade

Indulge your taste buds with tangy lemonade flavor with a twist of sweet peach while enjoying the full benefits of your preferred Delta-8 products. Our Peach Lemonade gummies are known for having the perfect blends of sweet fruit and lemonade that will leave your mouth watering with every bite. This variety is perfect for consumers seeking relaxation and stress relief. Get some for yourself or grab a couple to give as gifts.

Blue Raspberry

One of SoulFlower’s best sellers, Blue Raspberry edible gummies is a popular hit. These edibles offer you the delicious taste of sweet blue raspberries and tart blueberries. This variety is an ideal gift for your friends or loved ones who need a well-deserved rest. Blue raspberry creates a feeling of calmness and rest when ingested. It is also known to improve concentration and focus.

Something strong

OG Kush

If you’re looking for something stronger, this OG Kush hemp extract may be a better fit. OG Kush is known for having a very potent relaxing effect indicative of Indica, followed by a clear-headed high like a top-shelf Sativa. While it is more potent than the products listed above, OG Kush also offers a relaxing effect. Since it is a more potent strain, you don’t need much to achieve the desired effect. A plus factor for this item is its flexibility, you can mix it with other food items or take it as is. 

Delta-8 infused Dogwalker Cigars

This D8 hemp cigar is made with premium hemp infused with Delta-8 and wrapped in a palm leaf. Perfect for your friends who love taking a quick stroll around the block or just stepping out for a quick break. Its makers call it the  “Dogwalker” as it’s just enough smoke to walk your dog with! Dogwalkers come in a nice tin and come with 5 dogwalkers, making it a perfect gift for almost all occasions. 

Delta 8 Hemp Cigar

Perfect for chilling during the holidays, SoulFlower’s hemp cigar is a great alternative to regular cannabis flower or tobacco products. These hemp cigars are made with pure hemp flowers infused with Delta-8. It does not contain tobacco and nicotine, giving consumers a smooth hit with the added benefits of CBD and Delta-8. If you have friends who need to chill, this is the perfect gift.

D8 flower jars

Live flowers are not the only flowers you can send as gifts, this flower is something you can send as a gift even after the holidays. Buy some for a friend or for yourself to experience the satisfying effects of aromatic and US-grown hemp flowers infused with Delta-8. This hemp flower strain offered by SoulFlower is infused with Delta-8 and grown without the use of pesticides, herbicides, and other chemical fertilizers to ensure that you get all the benefits of premium hemp.

Vegan Hemp Capsule

Hemp Capsules are just the perfect gift for those who are looking for a simple and straightforward way to enjoy the benefits of hemp products. SoulFlower uses 100% organic and all-natural ingredients in making these capsules, so you can enjoy the uplifting benefits of Delta 8 and hemp products guilt-free.

Our products are carefully processed to ensure that you will get the full benefits of the products you purchased without worrying about negative side effects. Whether you’re planning on replenishing your stocks or you’re looking for something new.

Soulflower is your number-one source for a variety of hemp CBD products! Soul Flower is a frontrunner in providing a range of premium hemp products to you, our valued customer! Our dedication to giving you artisanal hemp products focuses on quality through stringent procedures and guidelines you can depend on while building quality relationships with our customers!

We hope you enjoy our products with care and appreciate the comforts that hemp brings as much as we enjoy, care, and appreciate offering these products to you! If you have any questions or comments, please don’t hesitate to contact us as we look to continually increase the quality of our products through your feedback!

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