Soulflower D8 Flower Jars – 1/4th


Need a light alternative to “blazing trees”? Enjoy the satisfying effects of aromatic and US-grown hemp flowers infused with Delta-8. Our hemp flower strains are infused with Delta-8 and grown without the use of pesticides, herbicides, and other chemical fertilizers to ensure that you get all the benefits of premium hemp!

Our Soulflower Hemp Delta-8 Flower jars come in eighths and quarters and several strains to choose from. Varieties may vary due to the availability of different strains. 


Elevate your hemp experience with our Premium Hemp flower strains, meticulously curated and preserved in a glass reserve jar. Strains like Remedy, Hawaiian Haze, Black Water, Gelato, and Forbidden V await, ready to tantalize your senses and whisk you away on a botanical journey.

Strain Insights:

  • Remedy: Experience the calming embrace of Remedy. Known for its soothing properties, it’s perfect for moments when you seek tranquility and relaxation.
  • Hawaiian Haze: Let the tropical breeze of Hawaiian Haze uplift your spirit. Energizing and mood-enhancing, it’s an excellent choice for enhancing focus and creativity.
  • Black Water: Allow the gentle waves of Black Water to wash away your worries. This strain is praised for its relaxation and stress-relief qualities.
  • Gelato: Savor the delightful aroma and balanced effects of Gelato. It offers a euphoric experience, promoting relaxation and an uplifted mood.
  • Forbidden V: Embark on an adventure with Forbidden V. Known for its unique profile, it delivers a harmonious blend of aroma and a well-rounded effect.

With a net weight of 7 grams, this jar is your ticket to a journey of premium hemp delight. Elevate your senses and embrace the essence of Soulflower as you explore the diverse spectrum of our hand-selected strains.

Discover the unique benefits and qualities each strain brings, and let the natural goodness of our 1/4 Hemp Flower Jar enrich your moments. Elevate your hemp experience to a new level and relish the pure joy of our premium strains