Soulflower Hemp Extract D8/CBD 1:1 1gram



Discover the perfect 1:1 formula with our Soulflower Hemp Extracts D8/CBD with Diamonds. Immerse yourself in the harmonious balance of Delta-8 hemp extract and CBD, a blend crafted for those seeking a symphony of effects.

Dive into Delight:

  • OG Kush: Let the iconic OG Kush flavor transport you to a state of tranquility and relaxation. Known for its earthy and pine notes, it’s a classic choice for soothing your senses.
  • Blueberry Afgoo: Indulge in the luscious taste of Blueberry Afgoo, offering a sweet and fruity profile that delights your taste buds. Experience relaxation with every inhale.
  • Grape Skittles: For a burst of sweetness, Grape Skittles is the perfect choice. Enjoy the juicy grape flavor that leaves a delightful aftertaste, accompanying the serene effects.

Dab your way to bliss with a 1-gram jar of carefully crafted hemp extract. Elevate your dabbing experience in style with Soulflower, where quality meets satisfaction. Love to dab? Our Soulflower Hemp Extracts D8/CBD with Diamonds may be your ideal companion on this journey.

Choose the flavor that resonates with your preferences, and let our 1:1 formula elevate your hemp experience. Immerse yourself in the balance of Delta-8 and CBD, and savor the unique taste and effects that each flavor offers. With Soulflower Hemp, discover a new dimension of delight with every dab.